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19 Feb 2009

Setup updated: Some users reported error when application started. This problem solved.

Web update: Download Page link updated.

Professional Tag Editor 2.0

In this version Tagging core upgraded, some algorithms changed and made complete application to work with all classes.

New Features:

  • Support WMA tagging.
  • Provide Controls to make Tag editor fast.
  • Improved Performance of methods.

ID3 Editor v2 (Professional Tag Editor 1.0)

This version of ID3 editor could edit ID3 v2 data and also ID3 v1 this version wrote with C#.NET and was an article on CodeProject. This version of application just edited ID3 and have some bugs.

ID3 v1 editor

This version just could edit ID3 v1 and wrote with VB.NET. The article of this version is in CodeProject site. More information is available there.

Site Updates

17 Jan 2009: First Upload