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Professional Tag Editor is my experience from 2006 about ID3 and WMA tagging. It is very different from the first versions and all my tries, were to make a DLL that lets any programmer make his/her own tag editor in just a minute.

I also tried to make tag editor for those who want to manage many many files or publish many files a day.

If you have any opinion, suggestion or anything else you can contact me at hamed.ji@gmail.com please use "Tag Editor" statement in your mail subject to help me find your emails more fast.

And here is my special thanks to those who helped me to make this application. There were too many peoples send me MP3 files to debug my application. Thanks to all of them.


Anyone have permission to use classes for educational purposes and applications that have no business benefits. Anywhere used must contain a pointer to http://professionaltag.sourceforge.net as reference.

Anyone use this at his/her own risk there is no guarantee for risk of using this classes and application.

Jan 17 2009 Hamed J.I

Tehran, Iran