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Main sample of this article is "Tag Editor" application. All controls and techniques used in this application and they are all gathered in one place. This is the best sample of using Tag classes.

This is list of samples and what they show:
  1. Using ID3v1 Class:
    This sample show how to work with ID3 v1 class to read and write ID3 v1 information
  2. Using SimpleTextInformation Control:
    This sample shows how to use one control and use 3 lines of code to edit ID3 information
  3. Remove Tag Information:
    Shows the way to clear all tag information of special file.
  4. Using File for MP3:
    Load ID3 frames with filter to just load Title of song and don't waste time for any other frame.
  5. Attach Picture:
    Shows how to view and edit attached picture of a mp3 file.
  6. Rename Files:
    Shows how to automatically rename file names according to their tag information.
  7. Descriptor:
    Shows how to use ASFTagInfo class to read all available tag information of file.
  8. Using controls:
    This sample provide some dialog that each one is one sample. In each dialog special control used.
    1. Branding:
      Shows how to use branding control to show picture of WMA file
    2. Lyric:
      Using lyric control to manage lyric information of file
    3. Multi file:
      Shows how many files can edit together
  9. View All Text:
    Show all text information of a MP3 this sample is like Descriptor for WMA.

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