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This page is Developer special features and focus on C# codes and programming. There is also another special features page for users.

Before this page you needs to know How ID3 and WMA works in Professional Tag Editor.

 Ready Controls:

There is so many ready controls to make a Complete Tag editor in just a minute. To see how to use this controls see Control samples section. The controls are available for both MP3 and WMA files. There is about 15 controls to use with some additional small controls. All the controls is inside TagEditorControls project.

This is TextInformation control to work with ID3v2 class can view and edit all Text information of specific file.

Tag Support:

Professional Tag Editor Support ID3 v1, ID3 v2.X and WMA tagging. All of them have their own classes. There is no need much information about how tagging works all the things handle with Professional Tag Editor.

Loading Filters:

There is so many times that you just want to read special part of tag info. For example you have a MP3 player application and you just want to read Title of song and Album name and there is no need to read every other information file include. Professional Tag Editor lets you filter name of frames that you want to read or you don't want to read.

There is an method inside ID3v2 class named IsAddable. This method indicate if FrameID must read and the code is in dialog below.

private bool IsAddable(string FrameID)
 if (_FilterType == FilterTypes.NoFilter)
return true;
    else if (_FilterType == FilterTypes.LoadFiltersOnly)
// Not Load Filters

This is ID3v2 feature and it's done in AddFrame method of ID3v2 class. In this way you can filter the frames you want to load.(Filter Sample)

Unknown Frames:

There is a property in ID3 v2 class named DropUnknownFrames. This property indicate what to do with a frame with unknown FrameID. If this property was false (default value) the unknown frame will store in special array and will save again with edited data.


For both Mp3 (ID3 tagging) and WMA (ASF tagging) there is a property named Template lets developer to store a special tag as Template and load that to other tags. As an example a publisher of audio files need always to add it's own logo, name and other publish information to all files they publish. Publisher can make a template and always open that template to files.

Error List:

ID3 v2 class contains an array named Error. This array contain error that occurred while reading file. It will contains errors like 'Unknown Frame found' and what application did with that, Some frames have invalid data or any other type of error occurred while reading. this array will clear when ID3 v2 class begin to loading file.