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This is list of some controls that TagInfoControls class provided for ID3. All of them used in Professional Tag Editor Application. There are many samples that demonstrate how to use this controls. The only thing need to make tag editor is to drag one of these controls and write about 2 lines of code to load and save file.

Attached Pictures (ID3 v2):

This control manage attached picture of file. Change their type and lets user see all the image in full screen with default image viewer application.

Professional Tag Editor Attached Picture Control
Attached Picture Manager control

Attached File Manager (ID3 v2):

Manage list of attached files to mp3 (ID3 lets user attach any type of file to mp3 files). This control find icon from user registry.

Professional Tag Editor Attached File Manager Control
Attached File Manager Control

Simple Text information Control (ID3 v1 & ID3 v2):

Small control to manage ID3 v1 data and vital ID3 v2 data. Provide standard Genre box.

Professional Tag Editor Simple Text Information Contro
Simple Text Information Manager for both ID3 v1 and ID3 v2

Commercial Manager (ID3 v2):

This Control Manage commercial information of file. This control provide Price unit box that contain all standard units. Lets user to manage Seller logo.

Professional Tag Editor Commercial ID3 v2
Commercial Control For ID3 v2

Text Information Control (ID3 v2):

Manage All text information of ID3 v2. This control support ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4. In some part they are different and some boxes is not valid in all versions. This control automatically disable controls that is not valid for this version. Also lets user to manage User Text and User Webs list that they are list of text and webs that is not in standard parts.

Professional Tag Editor Text Information Contro
Text Information Control for ID3 v2

Synchronized Lyric Editor (ID3 v2):

This control provide some features to easily edit lyric of special songs. Support RTL languages and always remember which language where RTL. Also lets control player with hot keys. There is a guide in Professional Tag Editor Help to how to use this control.

Professional Tag Editor Synchronized Lyric Editor ID3 v2
Synchronized Lyric Editor for ID3 v2

Unsynchronized Lyric Editor (ID3 v2):

Manage Lyrics as Synchronized Lyric Editor without time. Support all languages. RTL languages and remember which language where RTL.

Professional Tag Editor Unsycnchronized Lyric Editor ID3 v2
Unsynchronized Lyric Editor ID3 v2

And also there is more available controls for ID3 that can be see in Professional Tag Editor. This project also provide some controls to work with WMA files.