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Professional Tag Editor Main Dialog
Main Dialog of Professional Tag Editor Application


Professional Tag Editor is free source code application to manage MP3 and WMA Tagging. And also provide many classes for developers to make their own professional tag editor in just a minute.

Now a day, all audio files contain some type of content descriptions. Tagging feature adds some extra information to files. Such as, title of song, album name, band logo, artist picture and etc. Each file type has its own structure to store these types of information.

Mp3 files use ID3(Identify an MP3) tagging and WMA files natively support tagging.

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Professional Tag Editor Features (MP3 & WMA)

Professional Tag Editor contains libraries and applications to parse, view, edit and save MP3 and WMA tagging information.  This project can be used for developer to make their own tag editor fast and easy and can be used for users to edit their MP3 and WMA files. It can:

  • Rename files according to tag information
  • Use template for fast and serial information editing
  • Edit File images: Artist pictures, Band Logos, ...
  • Edit Attached Files
  • Edit Lyric
  • Edit All texts such as Title, Album name, Genre, Mood, Initial Key and so many others
  • Edit Long Comments
  • Edit Popular data
  • Edit File Identifier for databases
  • ...

The picture at top of the page shows the main window of Professional Tag Editor application that lets edit all information of files. This application used controls that provided by Tag Controls DLL And also contains additional features such as rename all files, Template, Summary, Edit multiple files together and etc all these features is included in libraries and developer can use it. For users click here and as a developer click here to see list of features.

Professional Tag Editor contains some libraries to read and write some WMA objects and ID3. The libraries support ID3v1, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, WMA Branding Object, WMA Content Description and WMA Extended Content Description. Because they are additional information to audio and they are not audio signals we call them Tag information.

.NET Source Code 

This is complete free source application wrote with C# 2005 and 2008. Source is available to download and it contains four project in visual studio solution:

  1. Tag: this project contains classes need to read and write tag information.
  2. TagInfoControls: Provides many controls to view and edit Tag information and this controls can be used to design a Tag editor fast.
  3. TagEditor: Is an application used both previous project to make a complete and professional ID3 and WMA tag editor.
  4. Setup: Makes setup to install.

There are some samples for each type of projects to learn how to use them.